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Terms and Conditions

My husband insists that I lay down terms and conditions for my website. It is pointed out that someone may sue me for stating that a particular car is a bad one, or for not warning them that a Clunker GT is potentially lethal if driven over cobbles in the rain. So here is a little list of the terms and conditions that you must accept if you want to continue to browse my site – and I hope that you do.

What this site is all about

This is a hobby site. I created it mainly for my own artistic satisfaction (and to prove to my husband that I really could put a website together). You will gather from this that I am not an expert on cars, or indeed any other subject I can think of. You agree therefore that you will take no notice whatsoever of anything at all printed on this website since the information is more than likely to be incorrect, out of date or just a figment of my imagination.

My liability to you

You agree that I have no responsibility towards you whatsoever and that you will not hold me responsible for anything at all, whether this comes as a result of your visiting my website or not.

Malicious downloads

A short while ago my young son was daft enough to click on a link on a website to download a free game. Instead of the shoot-them-up that he was expecting, he got a deluge of advertisements, some of which were completely unsuitable for a 10-year-old. It took several hours to clear the rubbish out of his computer and from now on he has Norton antivirus software to, hopefully, stop it from happening again.

We took the attitude that it was our own fault for not protecting ourselves properly, since the Internet is absolutely stuffed with computer viruses. You must therefore agree that you will take the same attitude as we have done. No website is immune from infection from viruses, so we cannot under any circumstances guarantee that our own site will not become infected at some time. If you download a virus from our site you must therefore agree that it is your own fault for either not taking proper precautions, or installing decent anti-viral software.

Accuracy of information

I had a fairly average education; I went to a secondary modern school and then to technical college to study engineering, very unusual for a woman in those days. However I was a lazy pupil so didn't really absorb as much knowledge as I should have done. You should therefore read what is written on these pages with that fact in mind; and treat everything in this website with extreme scepticism. Much of what is written in these pages is probably just the result of my overheated imagination.


To sum up; you agree that you browse our website entirely at your own risk, bearing in mind the fact that it was put up by a reasonably intelligent housewife, and not a bunch of Ph.Ds. You must therefore not pay any attention whatsoever to anything you have read on this website, since the odds are that it is stuffed full of errors.

This site is © Copyright 2020. No part of it may be reproduced without the express permission of the owner.

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