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Privacy Policy

I've been told that my website has to have a privacy policy. At first I couldn't believe this; why on earth should this be necessary? After all I have no wish whatsoever to get to know anything about anyone else, apart from my friends and family, and people who want to talk to me!

However, having spent a bit of time on the Internet it has become obvious to me just how little privacy exists out there. Huge companies vacuum up knowledge about not only visitors to their own website, but those who visit other websites too.

Certain companies, which shall remain nameless, have driven a coach and horses through privacy laws. They know what your interests are, what your age range is, which websites you visit, what dark secrets (if any!) You try to hide, your name and address and credit card details, where you are, where you have been, what you have bought, who your friends are, what you talk about to them. It is truly terrifying.

The most frightening part of it is that the vast majority of people on Earth seem to be perfectly happy with this! If they have ever lived under an authoritarian society, such as my husband had to put up with for the first couple of decades of his life, they would know just how valuable privacy is.

However, I digress. To spell out my views on privacy; I have no wish whatsoever to gather any information about any visitor to my website. Yes I do get access to logs which tell me how many visitors I've had and which pages they looked at, but I lost interest in these after the first couple of weeks.

I have had a few e-mails from people telling me that I have won the first prize in a competition that I never even entered, suggesting that I help them smuggle money out of their country in exchange for several million pounds commission, and offers to put my website on the first page of Google (although I never even knew that Google has a first page!). I don't know whether or not these people wish me to keep their details secret, but I just delete them anyway.

You can rest assured that since I don't gather any information whatsoever about you, it is hardly likely that I will be breaching your privacy or selling details on to anyone else. I wouldn't know where to start anyway.

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